Synonymous with ‘The Taverners,’ is Founders Day set in the scenic Stanford Hall grounds, it has become one of the major UK events in the ‘old bike’ calendar.  From humble beginnings almost fifty years ago with just a hundred or so visitors and half a dozen people selling surplus bike bits out of their car boot or laid out on the obligatory ‘paste table’ the event has grown in to a vast slick and professional operation.
  Originally the event took place on the area to the right of the driveway with a small ‘arena’ to the back of the hall, nowadays there is a large arena to the front of the hall along with an autojumble nearing 300 pitches in number and taking up the whole area to the front of the hall.  ‘Happy’ Hamrax is remembered as one of the first commercial paying companies to attend with money only changing hands if they’d had a good day – oh how things have changed!
  In recent years the attendance levels have grown to around the 4000 mark or more if the weather cooperates, even with the challenges the weather threw at us in 2012 around 3000 visitors made the pilgrimage.  There will be no such problem in this year as the organizing committee have booked good weather in advance . Plus which other event allows you to see everything from an FS1E to Brough going around the arena. It’s also worth having a wander round the bike park as there are many very nice bikes actually ridden to this event.

21st July is the date for 2024

That is another one finished. Many thanks to all those who helped out, stood on a club stand and manned an autojumble stall. We couldn’t and wouldn’t have a show without you. As promised we even managed to book the weather again. even though it looked a bit iffy on the saturday as we set up and camped in the rain.

But if you listened to  the rumour that it was cancelled then you missed a cracking day out.

There is also another rumour floating about that the hall has said we can’t hold this event next year. If you here this being said can you point people to this website so they can find the truth

Yes the wall of death was asked to move. But that was on wenesday morning as they were setting up. I received a call from the house to pop over as there was an issue. They were setting up in direct line of sight of the halls wi fi radio mast that they use to take card payments. So we ended up moving them to their current spot. It wasn’t an issue for anyone and the hall are very accomodating for us. It was only the 2nd year they had used this system so neither our section or Ken Fox knew about this. So next time we are forwarned.

So if you hear this being said again then please put people right as we get this sort of thing said every year.


Autojumblers at Founders Day please read this

We have arranged with the Hall that you can camp on your pitches for free as per previous years ( pre covid). You will have 2 free camping spots on your pitch.
Any more than 2 free campers per pitch will need to be paid for at a cost of £10 each. You DON’T need to contact the hall with regard to camping if you are an autojumbler.
So PLEASE DON’T phone the hall over this matter.

Camping forms for other campers  will be available later in the year

Please note we will NOT be posting out autojumble forms . You will need to download the forms from this website from Febuary onwards.