We as a section hold a varied and full season of events. We hold both evening and Sunday runs. the evening runs are usually the “drop off ” style ( This will be explained before the start of the run) and the sunday runs are usually ” tulip” style runs where you follow a route sheet.  So please bring along you route sheet holder or some masking tape. We have a series of regular winter club nights with various talks, a film night, a quiz night and our annual Charity Auction where we auction off items donated by the traders on Founder Day, we hold a skittles night ( with faggots) at a local pub and we also have a vinatge bus ride out to various local pubs with chips supplied at the end.

 Roger holds a series or Wrinkly runs throughout the summer months during the daytime in the week. We are also famous for our Founders Day event ( which is ran by and organised by section members) . We also hold our very popular Taverners Road trial. This event has been running for over 60 years and we have a full championship for pre 57 classic trials which we run over the winter months. We have always been known as a friendly and social section. So please come along to our events and make your selves known.


We have relased our MK1 version of our calendar. There are a few TBC details and we will bring out a MKII calendar in April with hopefully all the details confirmed

Taverners Section Calendar 2024_First edition[16687]